The Necessity of The First Fruit Offering

The Necessity of The First Fruit Offering

The Necessity of The First Fruit Offering

In the beginning GOD, the CREATOR of the Heaven & the Earth began the process or work of
creation by a process order of events; Gen 1:3 — ” And God said, ” Let there be light and there was LIGHT.

Gen 1:4 – Declares God saw the light that it was good & God divided the light from darkness.

John the beloved declares, that in the beginning was the word , and the word became flesh, but
in addition , the word was Light 8t the light was begotten 8t not created . The light is that which
Lights all men that come into the world. That light is Jesus
May he LIGHT up our understanding today to receive Revelation of him in us that we may put
darkness & its pathways out of ruling our understanding in Jesus name. Amen

Gen 4:3 – Declares that in the PROCESS OF TIME it came to pass, that two brothers brought offerings unto the LORD.

  1. Process of time — They recognized that they’d have nothing to offer without the creator, LORD, who owns time & has the power to give humans a harvest, success in business, or profits.
    • GOD owns TIME.
    • GOD owns the LAND
    • GOD owns the MIST that waters the ground for Cain to farm.
    • GOD owns the Animals that multiplied for Abel.
  2. Kane (Cain) & Abel saw this wonder of multiplication unveil as Glory before them
  3. They m_us_t have observed their Parents Adam & Eve offer sacrifice of thanksgiving unto GOD for years as they grew up
  4. They must have been taught what an acceptable sacrifice unto the LORD was & why it was NON- NEGOTIABLE to offer the best of they had & the FIRST of the portion unto the LORD who is the giver of all things.
  5. The first test of Giving unto GOD is the QUALITY OF THE HEART of the GIVER. Is your heart are of Appreciation & thanksgiving or Rebellion
  6. With the RIGHT heart the RIGHT offering will come forth.
  7. The timing of the Sacrifice or offering is also important.
  8. Offerings mark seasons. They define seasons OR Process of time.
  9. It (Giving) marks the End of a Cycle and beginning of New Cycle. Your harvest ends a cycle.
  10. The Right Heart offers the Acceptable Sacrifice that opens the gateway for another Cycle of Prosperity, of Multiplication of harvest.
    • The LORD GOD honours the offering from the Right heart
    • Abel & Kane — differed ~for one reason;( the type of offering each one presented unto the LORD who had blessed each one abundantly)
    • CAIN – brought of the fruit of the ground
    • ABEL — brought of the FIRSTLINGS of his flock & of his FAT thereof.
      • The Verdict
    • The LORD had Respect for Abel & his offering
    • The events OUTLINES the principle that would follow the acceptable offering before the LORD, creator of heaven & earth.
    • The FIRSTLINGS & fat represent

The First part Given unto God & not kept for us. It is the LORD’S portion & convenience

The Best part

Following from here the pattern of how MAN (us) or mankind should offer was set for Eternity.
Note : When the LORD, gave us his ONLY,FIRST & BEST gift

John 3:16 – For God so loved the word that he gave his only begotten son; that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. GOD gave his own BEST & ONLY to us, so we can learn.

NOTE: God even pleaded & showed Cain the path to repentance!!!

NOTE: God even pleaded & showed Cain the path to repentance!!!

Gen 49:3 — The firstborn son in particular represents;

  1. Might
  2. Beginning of Strength
  3. Excellency of Dignity
  4. Excellency of Power

It represents the Best & Pride of a family
The icon, the show piece of a father, the Icon

The first born is a Firstfruit offering.

It represents a Person’s best

Ps 78:51 — God struck down the all firstborn of Egypt, the firstfruits of manhood in the tents of Ham.

Ps 105:36 —Then he struck down all the firstborn of their land, the firstfruits of all their manhood.

When a people boast, they flaunt their wealth. No wealth is as great as a first born son or child
to a family no matter the wealth.

All firstborns, first fruits belong t_o GOD. Cultures that boasted against God in disobedience & pride, had their first fruit children, taken away & killed. He /GOD destroyed their future.

  • The State of the heart
  • The preparedness of the heart for thanksgiving unto GOD
  • The eagerness of the heart to come forward with the FIRST & BEST marks the difference between our Giving & Offering.
  • So first we must deal with all matters that would make us a grumbling heart


How should you present your first fruit?
Exodus 23: 16 – Celebrate the feast of Harvest with the first fruit of the crops you sow in your fields.

  1. It is a Celebration
  2. Come with the first fruits
  3. It is from the Harvest of the field you sowed.

Ex 23:19 & Ex 34:26

The first of the first fruits of your land, thou shall bring into the house of the LORD thy God.

  • Bring the BEST of the first fruits of your soil to the house of the LORD your God.

Ex 34:27: Write these words, for after me ten of these words I have made a COVENANT with you & with Isreal

Who takes the First fruit?

Lev 2:3; Num 18:11-12;13;14

And the remnant of meat offering shall be Aaron’s and his sons .lt is a thing most holy of the
offerings of the LORD made by fire.

Lev 23:1-20 — First fruits oblations in Israel. Go unto the priests.

For Us:

We shall NOT allow the priest suffer shame, God abhors it.
Chronicles 31 :2-5 , Deut 18:1-5

We shall make covenant for those who will obey & commit their first fruit to:

  1. Cover the shame of the Altar
  2. Pay the full upkeep of the priest
  3. Pay the full upkeep of the Children
  4. Just obey & commit your best to the altar
  5. Ezekiel 44:30
  6. Encourage the priests.

(We are settling a Reorder as it was in the days of King Hezekiah)

How is the! first fruit to be Given?

Deut 26:1-2

  • You shall go with the first of all fruit of the earth the Lord has given thee, & shall go to the place with the LORD thy God shall choose to place his name.
  • You shall appear in person before the Altar of the LORD & the priest being present to receive your offering.
  • You shall appear in person before the Altar of the LORD & the priest being present to
    receive your offering.


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